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An extinct breed Empty An extinct breed

Beitrag von Maria Fernanda Reynoso am 8th Oktober 2017, 14:48

Among cats there is fascinating story full of romanticism.
“Gone but not forgotten“ is what one can read on the web pages.Is the amazing story of the Mexican Hairless cat or Aztec cat breed.
What says the story?
In 1902, a couple from New Mexico received two hairless cats from local Pueblo Indians. It was claimed that these were the last survivors of an ancient Aztec breed of cat.The Mexican Hairless cats were litter-mates and noted to be 25% smaller than local shorthair cats.The cats were novelties at this time because of their lack of a coat (fur), although they grew light fur along the back and tail in winter.These cats also had long Whiskers and eyebrows.
The male, not yet sexually mature, was killed by dogs.In “Animal Life and the World of Nature” (Vol 1, 1902-1903), Shinick was quoted "Dick was a very powerful cat, and could whip any dog alone; his courage no doubt was the cause of his death. He was a sly rascal and would steal out, and one night he got out and several dogs killed him. His loss was very great and I may never replace him.
The owners searched for a hairless mate for the female.The female cat was sold as a pet and possibly exported to Britain or continental Europe in 1903 where she was exhibited, but apparently not bred.The cats' owner, Mr. Shinick, reported them to be intelligent, friendly and people-oriented. They enjoyed warm baths and liked to sleep in warm places, such as under bedclothes with a family member.
In 1908,The animal was regarded as something more than a curiosity, because of the antiquity attributed to its species, and it was stated by Dr. Cecil French of the Atlantic Cat Club that with the consent of the owner, T. J. Shinick, the hairless body would be presented to the Museum of Natural History here and may be offered in evidence that the cat had a part in Aztec as well us in Egyptian civilization.
According to Katharine L Simms in "They Walked Beside Me" (1954): "Only in Mexico is there a cat at all different from all other cats, and even he is the same in size and bone formation. But he is completely furless except for a ridge of hair down his spine. In that country also is the chino, or hairless dog, with blue-grey skin matching the Mexican cat. Maybe it is too hot in Mexico for fur or hair to be bearable, though our furry Indian and South African cats thrived in 100F in the shade."

The breed is extinct by the fact that the only two cats were siblings and were not able to breed.
What keep saying on the web?
-The earliest records are to be found in the Aztec culture, where the cats were documented for 500 years, in what is present-day Mexico. Hairless cats have been traced to the Aztecs, who were thought to have bred these cats.
-The official records about hairless cats existence reach till Aztec culture. Later their presence was described in Mexico in 1900
-Because they had no coat, they lost more body heat than coated cats. This made them warm to the touch as well as heat-seeking. They are well documented in media reports in the early 20th Century.
Nahuatl word for cat is mizton

Myth,legend or reality,you decide!
Maria Fernanda Reynoso
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