Having a cat is good for our health

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Having a cat is good for our health Empty Having a cat is good for our health

Beitrag von Maria Fernanda Reynoso am 11th Oktober 2017, 13:58

This post not only will be about what say the web and the scientists but an experience that happened to me.
Yesterday i got cold with shoulders and back hurting me.I don't have a cat anymore but i download an app not long time ago about cats sounds,so i lay on my bed and put one sound (the familiar purr we all know about) for me was a reminder on my times when i was sick and my cats liked to be next to me on bed and purring.
Was pleasant hear the amazing sound again,so i closed my eyes and think on those times.
When i stand up again after hear the sound,i still keep the cold but the pain of my shoulders and my back was gone.Obviously is not the same hear an app than have actually a cat that one can cuddle and love.
With this experience,i can say that is not just an article on the web which you can read.Have a cat is good for human's health.
So with the question: Why my pain was gone?
A cat purring doesn’t just show they’re happy. The sound has also been long associated with a therapeutic healing ability on human bones and muscle.It’s to do with the frequency of purr vibrations at 20-140 HZ.
Maria Fernanda Reynoso
Maria Fernanda Reynoso

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