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Beitrag von Maria Fernanda Reynoso am 18th Oktober 2017, 12:56

Cats and Halloween Cat-ha10
Halloween is a holiday in which many know about.In many anglo-saxon countries is celebrated but also in some parts in Latin America.As i born in Mexico,Halloween along side with “Dia de muertos“ were part of the festivities when i was young and with every celebration have a good story and a bad story.
I remember my childhood with the happy story without know exist the bad part.What is the bad part of Halloween? As we all know cats have their place in Halloween but why? Let's go to the story and culture of very country around the world.
In Medieval France and Spain, black cats were considered bringers of bad luck and curses to any human they came near, and were associated with witchcraft. Many Medieval Germans believed themselves to be cursed if a black cat crossed their path from left to right. Black cats, however, have also served as symbols of good luck in numerous cultures. In the British Islands, black cats are often believed to bring affluence to any house they occupied. In Japan, they are also considered to bring good luck. In Ancient Egypt, black cats were worshiped as sacred.
The assimilation of Pagan and Christian rites would come in the form of Samhain,an ancient Celtic festival and precursor of today's Halloween.
However later in history, the Druids feared cats - believing that by using evil powers, humans could turn themselves into cats. So during Samhain on November 1, many cats were thrown into the fires to get of rid the evil (Let not forget that in medieval times many cats were ordered to be killed that soon later turning the black death to appear.Killing many of millions of people around Europe).
Cats were also considered the familiars of a witch. A familiar is a low-ranking demon assistant to a witch. Since any coloured cat could be a witch's familiar, why did black become a witch's cat? Perhaps after it was dark and a cat was spotted with a suspected witch, it looked naturally dark. Thus, the association began. During the great witch-hunts, cats were massacred in great numbers fearing they were all familiars.
It is unknown the exact date when Halloween turn be part in Mexico celebrations but is known that was adapted from USA.Now,if modern cats could be able to talk and vote,Halloween would be down as one of the least favourite holidays to our loving felines and sadly here is the bad story about Halloween as black cats are at the highest risk of injury from Halloween participants in USA and also i got information that in Mexico and Spain due to ignorance and superstition about bad luck.
If you happen to have a cat and specially a black cat,keep him/her inside your home until the festivity is over.Also have your cat micro-chipped and with collars in case that escape.
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