Sleeping with cats-Is it good or bad?

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Sleeping with cats-Is it good or bad? Empty Sleeping with cats-Is it good or bad?

Beitrag von Maria Fernanda Reynoso am 2nd November 2017, 11:58
Hello! Here on my blog i wrote about if is it good or not sleeping with cats.Here is the translation of my blog.

Sleeping with cats-Is it good or bad?

Answering the question of the title i will say both.How the question became both and not with one simple answer?
As a cat owner i admit that i slept with my cats for more than 20 years,i am a healthy person,my cats never gave any complication while i slept and yet i have to answer both instead of good.
The reasons to observe
Sleeping habits: Cats have the myth of be nocturnal,while is true some wild cats and feral cats are nocturnal,our domestic cats that are living in our homes are crepuscular.That means they are active at dawn and dusk.Though unless we are students or our jobs let us wake up early,our sweeties might be a problem to us.My cats never gave problem as i had them mostly when i was a student and usually i had to wake up early,and once my school was far away of my house that i had to wake up at 4:30-5:00 in the morning and at night it was them who went looking for me asking for bed time at nearly 22:00.My activities were not trouble for crepuscular cats until i kept on the (wrong) belief that they were nocturnal and decided to sleep nearly 2:00 in the morning (just 4 hours before my cat woke up) one year before i moved to Europe.
If you are a complete diurnal person or decide to be a nocturnal person because of the belief that cats are nocturnal,sleeping with a cat will give you trouble.
Infectious Diseases: One can read that some diseases can be transmitted from cats to humans which is true.Don't get me wrong,just like an unhealthy person can transmit diseases to another person also an unhealthy cat can transmit diseases to a person.I was lucky to share bed with healthy cats so they represented not problem for my health.
The happy rainbow after the storm: Sleeping with your cat have the benefit of strong the bond,studies have shown that own a cat lowers blood pressure and reduces heart attack,so sleeping with your cat can give you peace of mind,you are more calm,relax and happy.Our cats are the good source of emotional therapy.
Recommendation: Having a cat is a responsibility and if you decide to sleep with your cat,then there are duties one have to do as owner.
The best you can do is by regular vet visits,update vaccinations,keep the mayor part of his day routine inside the house (cats will have always hunt instincts but making to reduce the number of times that hunts will be of benefit), put collars (as another part of reduce their huntings),daily grooming,daily litter boy scooping and once a week a complete clean of the litter box,use glove while scooping and cleaning the litter box,wash your hands after scooping and clean the littler box,wash your hands before eat and clean regularly the sheets.
In the case of sleeping hours,play with your cat before sleep (play sessions should be short,constant and rotate toys regularly). You will bond with your cat,the cat will be mentally stimulated and make the cat tired,so will sleep the night.
Never punish your cat(s),punishment will stress the cat and never solve the problem.
Also i know that those sweet angels do love sleep with us (It was basically impossible for me to put my last cat to sleep on his own bed.He jumped every time on my bed and won his place) so sleeping with your cat is a mutual benefit if we do the best to keep our cat healthy (and ourselves).

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